RSD Collaborations

This is a page to help you to find others to collaborate with in terms of RSD in learning activities, curriculum design, formative and summative assessment tasks, or studies on RSD implementations.

Ways to do this:

1. Join the RSD group in LinkedIn called RSDzone. Request to join the group and we will accept you if you are from an educational institution. If you are not from an educational institution but want to join, please send me an email outlining why-

2. Contribute to this reskidev blog with comments about others’ posts. If you have an idea for a post about your RSD use/idea/evaluation you have the right to post, and one of the moderators will upload it or get back to you.

Most helpful of all, just talk with colleagues and students about any aspects of RSD and its use!

3. Use twitter #RSDzone

4. If you have several people interested in a teaching and learning idea, an assessment task, a curriculum redesign, a design for a study of RSD implementation or any other project shaped by the RSD, then go to

As a ‘guest’ you can edit pages. To add a page for a project, you can email me with the project name, or better still to become a member, so you can add your own pages.


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