RSD Masterclass on Engaged Learning and Teaching (MELT)

For those colleagues who are attending the Monash University RSD MELT, please share with us your experiences related to the following questions, in advance of the workshop:

  1. What is your favourite way of introducing RSD facets? Why this way?
  2. Have you introduced ‘autonomy’ of the RSD framework to any audience?  If so, how did you do this? If not, maybe give us an idea of whether it was not relevant, not possible, or something else.
  3. Have you had any surprises in your use of the RSD?

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I look forward to seeing you on the 24th!

John W


Author: johnwillison

Senior Leturer, Discipline of Higher Education, School of Education, University of Adelaide.

5 thoughts on “RSD Masterclass on Engaged Learning and Teaching (MELT)”

  1. In Nursing we are in the early stages of using the RSD, attempting to decipher how we can use it to support our curriculum. So not sure we have been introducing it but spending time thoroughly understanding it. I hope that our surprise use will be a translation to a clinical evaluation tool… in the future!

    1. Hi Loretta

      Great that you are working on that understanding and translation to a clinical context. I hope the workshop helps to speed up the process.

      Thanks for contributing to this in advance



  2. I am aware of the RSD framework in my role as Learning Skills Adviser but I must confess to not using it explicitly. My hope for the workshop is to learn how to integrate it more into my teaching.

  3. Introduce RSD to other staff through an assessment item. Staff in small groups having a different assignment item (essay, report, website, video, presentation, …) for the same question. They then have to consider and present the steps they go through to complete the assignment. Through the steps, which are generally the same through the different assignment types, the research facets emerge.

    Through this often there are questions about the assignment question, which are held until after the steps are identified, lead a discussion about guidance needed or lack thereof. Otherwise, just brought up as a general discussion on the development of the skill and ability to implement it in different contexts.

    For students, introduce the RSD through the assessment rubric and alignment with learning engagement process.

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