University of Wisconsin Stout RSD Symposium

This post is for those of us at UWS Symposium on the Research Skill Development framework, and for anyone interested in what happens.

This is a good place to write down questions that you have that emerge in the different sessions, as well as comments and impressions.

I hope that you enjoy the 2 days!




Author: johnwillison

Senior Leturer, Discipline of Higher Education, School of Education, University of Adelaide.

2 thoughts on “University of Wisconsin Stout RSD Symposium”

  1. John did a great job leading us off this morning with an explanation and description of the facets of research. Participants are now in one of two concurrent sessions. One is a variant of “geocaching” the RSD and the other is Dorothy Missingham’s session on optimizing the problem solving pentagon. One of the questions that have derived from the morning sessions is: “Is it better to introduce individuals to the problem solving process using the full RSD framework or is it better to use the problem solving pentagon?” What factors would influence your decision on which to use?

  2. Hi John,
    Yesterday I was one of speakers at Australian corner seminar on language classroom. I spoke about research based learning in general and RSD in particular. Seem the participants put serious attention to topic i did. What i surprised one participant said that the RSD works like Bloom toxonomy does. I said yes with stressing if RDS work better helping students and teacher researching the topic to solve problem or discover new things. Most participants like the RSD as they saw students autonomy used for assessing learning purposes. We here teachers do not use rubric as in RSD..i think we shall meet those teacher group as John in Aceh later this years.

    Goodluck with you John


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