Does your coursework Masters program satisfy the research requirements of AQF9? National symposium about developing research skills in coursework Masters, 23 September 2015, Adelaide

The Symposium is timely in Australia because we have a new requirement that all coursework Masters students:

“Apply knowledge and skills ..with high level personal autonomy and accountability… to plan and execute a substantial research based project, capstone experience and/or piece of scholarship”

Each coursework Masters degree needs to not only provide program structures to satisfy AQF9 requirements, but also the learning, teaching and assessment/feedback tasks that will develop professionally-relevant research capacity for all students, to answer the question:

Are your Masters degrees really at AQF level 9?

Its a big ask!

The Masterly RSD Symposium is designed to provide an action-based forum that enables you, along with other academics and professional staff, to share and develop discipline- appropriate strategies and resources for Masters, based around the Research Skill Development framework ( so you can address this question thoroughly.

The program and registration details for Masterly RSD is here:Flyer_MasterlyRSD_23Sept_NationalSymposium_2015_26Aug

Since November 2014, academics and professional staff in different states, territories have been meeting regularly to develop such resources based around the RSD that will enable students to engage in discipline-specific research projects and scholarship. At the Symposium, representatives from each group will be running interactive breakout sessions, with themes including:

RSD as a tool for collaborative conversations
: Victoria/Tasmania Cluster
RSD for assessment in Masters: New South Wales/ACT Cluster
The Work Skill Development framework use in Masters: Queensland Cluster
Whole-of-program conversations using the RSD: South Australia/NT Cluster

We have a rich intercultural thread across the symposium, with Indigenous perspectives and those from colleagues from the University of the South Pacific presenting on: Culturally appropriate use of the RSD in Masters .

Join us to see the diversity of approaches to using the RSD to enrich coursework masters students experiences of learning and research.

Some of the Masters-specific resources developed so far are available at, a newly opened site that will have additional resources over the coming 6 months.

This symposium runs after the HERGA conference 21 and 22 September, which has a theme:

Brave New World: The Future of Teaching and Learning (details at

Registration for both events is at

If you would like further information on the Masterly RSD Symposium, please contact me

Dr. John Willison, National Teaching Fellow (OLT)

Hope to see you at the conference and symposium



Author: johnwillison

Senior Leturer, Discipline of Higher Education, School of Education, University of Adelaide.

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