Engaging Coursework Masters Students in Research: University of Adelaide, 3rd December.

Are your Coursework Masters students alienated by substantial research requirements of the program because they do not yet have the skills and knowledge required?
Are you facing problems with enabling Masters students to engage rigorously with research experiences?

Then register for Engaging Coursework Masters Students in Research (for South Australia and Northern Territory), Wednesday 3 December, where we will use the research Skill Development framework (RSD) as the conceptual launchpad for discussions and for developing resources that fit your context.

Register via this link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/LVHD5VP

The program for the day is:
Session 1 (9.30-10.15 am): Research skills relevant for Masters students
Session 2 (10.15-11.00 am): Participants’ experiences, current structures, examples

Morning Tea provided (11.00-11.30 am)
Session 3 (11.30-12.15 pm): Planning an overview of your Masters program with RSD
Session 4 (12.15-1.00 pm): Planning individual courses with RSD

Lunch provided (1.00- 2.00 pm)
Session 5 (2.00-3.15 pm): Giving Masters students the vibe for engaging in research
Session 6 (3.15-4.00 pm): Planning the continuance of the Victorian cluster

See the flyer for the event: Flyer_RSD_Masters_SA-NT_cluster-final

The RSD website has plenty of discipline-specific applications www.rsd.edu.au

Author: johnwillison

Senior Leturer, Discipline of Higher Education, School of Education, University of Adelaide.

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