Eight diverse presentations on ‘Putting the RSD to Work’: 5 min videos + powerpoints

The Putting the RSD* to Work Symposium on 24 September 2014 threw out a big challenge to presenters: represent in 5 minutes and ten slides the way that they have been using the RSD over the years. This threw up a smorgasbord for the audience of 8 presentations that were crisp succinct and extremely varied: from first year University to PhD studies.

All presentation powerpoints and four of the videos are available at:


The topics are:
Framing Assessment and Feedback with the RSD
Scaffolding research skill development and assessment across the honours year
From Little Things to Big Things Grow: Using small groups and the RSD to grow big ideas
Masters student engagement with the research requirements of AQF Level 9
Approaches to Mapping Research Skills with the RSD
Making the RSD framework ‘speak engineering’: A problem solving framework generated by student-tutors
RSD and the PhD
Using the RSD to harmonise pre- and face-to-face segments of the flipped class

We would love to hear about any way and context that you may have used the RSD- or hope to use it.

Also, if you went to the symposium, you might indicate the extent that the day helped you to do more with the RSD.

* Research Skill development framework www.rsd.edu.au

Author: johnwillison

Senior Leturer, Discipline of Higher Education, School of Education, University of Adelaide.

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