The advantages for graduates of Research Skill Development across undergraduate degree-programs

We have been interviewing graduates, honours students and PhD students about explicit Research Skill Dvelopment in the undergraduate years to find out the long term advantages of this process.

The news and events sections on this blog show fora where these outcomes are being presented and workshoped. Feel free to come along if you can make it. However we will soon showcase specific outcomes of the project, funded by the OLT, on this blog.

In brief, graduates and honours students looked back over the previous three years of study which had multiple occasions where their reseach skills were explicitly developed. As one student noted:

Since the beginning [of First Year], they have given us assignments based on this criteria. You might not have liked the assignments, but because they have been consistently applying this structure to all of our assignments, we have come to think that way for science… You might not know that you’re following their guidelines, but you are.

From many interviewed, there was a refreshing sense of the big picture: ‘we have come to think that way for science’. There was a clear sense from a substantial majority of those interviewed (43/50) that explicit research skill development in the undergraduate years had advantages for their current employment or honours study, and recommended that this process should be embeded from the First or Second Year of the degree.

More of this in future blogs. I need to fly early tomorrow to Sydney!


Author: johnwillison

Senior Leturer, Discipline of Higher Education, School of Education, University of Adelaide.

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