RSD Presentation at Monash University, Friday 11 October

The advantages for graduates of Research Skill Development across undergraduate degree-programs

Mode:     Presentation then workshop

Date:        Friday 11 October, 2013

Time:       9.30am – 10.30 am: Presentation

10.30am – 10.45am: Morning tea

10.45am – 12.30 pm: Workshop with guest presenters

12.30pm: Lunch and networking

Venue:    ISB Meeting Room 2, Level 2,
Matheson Library, Clayton

Explicit research skill development is proving to be an effective teaching and learning strategy for cognitively engaging undergraduate students in many disciplines, and enabling them to work with increasing academic rigour. The project described in this seminar used the Research Skill Development (RSD) framework to provide the conceptual glue across multiple-courses in various degree-programs. This presentation will focus on attitudes about course-wide explicit research skill development of employed graduates from Health Sciences, Humanities, and Engineering. Perspectives of honours students in Heath Science and the Sciences provide a deep understanding of the role of RSD in research capacity building.

There will be opportunity to explore the implications and potential of using the RSD in your context, including:

  • Ways that others have initiated the use of the RSD
  • How to adapt the use of the RSD to your context
  • Starting from scratch- what are possible & realistic starting points?
  • Potential collaborations with others in the seminar, or academics in the 30 plus disciplines that have used the RSD
  • Assessing students to show that they have attained these research skills
  • Scaffolding students to work increasingly independently

Developing curricula to facilitate research skills

Hope to see you there


Author: johnwillison

Senior Leturer, Discipline of Higher Education, School of Education, University of Adelaide.

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