2 thoughts on “Questions for the RSD symposium”

  1. Have you gathered any evidence about whether there is an increase in either the quality or number of students interested in progressing to Higher Degree research after using the framework as part of their undergraduate studies?

    1. Great question! We dont have any answers yet, but we are gathering data. We are specifically tracking trends towards honours and PhD in fairly large cohorts in the School of Medical science, starting from pre RSD 2002-2004, to with RSD 2005 onwards. In addition to strictly quantitative data (enrollment and progression rates,etc), this is also complemented by the interviews we conducted this year with 14 honours students, 6 phD students and 9 academics from that school. Hopefully this data will be fully collected, analysed and reported over the next year.

      Eventually, Uni South Pacific will be a major source of information on progression to HDR, as they have used RSD richly embedded in curricula beginning this year with every undergrad student in large (n=3500) core courses. They are also planning the use of the extended framework (RSD7) http://www.adelaide.edu.au/rsd/framework/rsd7 in postgrad. They will, I think, readily share this with us in maybe 5-6 years. In my thinking, in not so much more enrollments, but students enrolling who are better prepared for HDR and more able to complete with high quality learning, thesis and useful skill set; more completing, yet with less supervisor pressure.

      Hopefully, other contexts will plan to gather relevent data, as this is going to be a major way of evaluating RSD effectiveness over time.

      Thanks again


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