United airline caterers: would some research help?

Here I am at departure gate 60 Sydney airport waiting to fly to
New Jersey…

I am going to the Council on Undergraduate Research conference, at the College of New Jersey.

One presentation I am giving is called Research Skill Development, Fresher to Professor….

But waiting here, it makes me wonder if the 45 min delay on boarding due to ‘the catering’ could have been avoided: maybe they could have a group of undergraduate business students research their catering business?

Embark: why/how/ or did caterers hold up global travelers?
Find: what were the superficial and underlying reasons for delay?
Evaluate: can they trust the sources that pointed the blame at ‘someone else’
Organize: how do students arrange the diverse types of information they have gathered or generated so that thorough analysis can happen.
Analysis & Synthesis: how can they make sense of possibly divergent data? How can the bring all this info and anlysis together to Answer the questions about underlying reason
Communicate & apply: who will they tell? What difference will their findings make?


Hope the food is good!

John W
20 June 2012

Author: johnwillison

Senior Leturer, Discipline of Higher Education, School of Education, University of Adelaide.

6 thoughts on “United airline caterers: would some research help?”

  1. Sounds like a task for my HRM undergraduates! BTW Just reviewing exam results and my RSD work in MGF 2661 HRM is bearing very good fruit. Students are showing a good, critcal understanding of the subject matter by drawing on research articles canvassed this semester to frame exam responses!

    1. ________Yes please. It turns out the food was good though, and I caught connecting flight.

      Great to hear about the conceptual work that the students are doin! But ESP that this would impact how they do exams. This is worth probing…

      About to look for beavers. If I find one, it will end up on the blogging


      1. The students are encouraged to refer to the readings they have done during the semester and they also draw on the findings of a group research project to answer the exam questions. Not all referred to the academic literature but the good ones did and the others did demonstrate a deeper understanding in their exam responses.

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